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Drain Jetting

There are little clogs that can be opened by a plunger, medium clogs that need a drain auger or snake, and then there are the serious blockages: Clogs that require drain jetting.

Drain jetting works by feeding a special nozzle and hose through the drain and then using high pressure and water to clean the inside of the pipes. All types of drains, from kitchen drains to sewer lines, can be jetted. Blockages from grease, hair, food, dirt, and tree roots are no match for the water pressure of a drain jet.

The advantages of jetting a blockage over simply snaking a clog include:

  • Drain jetting will not just remove the blockage, it will also clean the pipes and remove any other buildup they may have.  This in turn helps prevent other clogs. A clog that has been cleaned with a snake is much more likely to clog again because a snake just puts a hole in the blockage to allow water to flow. All the buildup along the pipe stays put. With jetting, all debris is simply flushed away with the water, leaving the pipe as good as new.
  • Drain jetting does not damage the pipes.  With snaking, there is always the possibility that the snake can damage the interior surface of the pipe or the snake can break off inside the pipe, causing further blockage.

The process is simple.  Your technician assesses the type of blockage, as well as the sizes and types of pipes involved.  Then the water pressure is adjusted to the optimal level so that your pipes will be cleared but not damaged.

The technician then inserts the jetting hose into the drain and sends the pressurized water through the pipes. The blockage and all other debris and buildup are removed and sent on down the line. Once the process is complete, the pipes may then be subject to video inspection to confirm that the drain is clear.

While the process is simple, it should be performed only by qualified individuals. The water pressure is so high that if it is not used correctly, property damage and personal injury may occur.  What they say on television is true in the case of drain jetting: These people are professionals; don’t try this at home.

Drain jetting will not only remove the source of a blockage, it will clean the inside of your pipes as well to lessen the chances of future clogs.  It’s a fast, easy, cost-effective way to keep your plumbing flowing.

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