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The Danger Behind DIY

And while it’s entertaining to watch on-camera personalities turn stone to gold for pennies on the dollar, there are some projects that you should never DIY. Heating, ventilation and air conditioning repairs require trained professionals; a quick DIY repair can snowball into a costly replacement.

Before you ignore our advice and continue on with your DIY repair, let us explain how things will go awry.


HVAC systems use chemicals and refrigerants that most of us aren’t familiar with; handling them can be deadly if you don’t follow proper precautions. That’s why technicians go through training and receive certification to handle these chemicals. They also wear special safety gear designed to keep them safe any time they need to interact with refrigerants.


Your units use large voltages of electricity. If mishandled, these levels of electricity can seriously injure or kill you.


Local HVAC codes have specific ventilation requires for the systems installed in your home. These codes are in place for your safety and licensed HVAC technicians are well-versed in them. Breaking the code can cause harm to your household and even make you incur fines.


An everyday wrench won’t fix all of your HVAC issues. Technicians have a set of special tools designed to work with the system in your home. Using inappropriate tools can cause further damage to your system and result in a costly repair.


A DIY repair can prevent your system from operating at peak efficiency. A poorly maintained unit, or a unit damaged by a project gone wrong, can result in higher monthly bills for as long as the unit can run.


Finally, a DIY project may result in your warranty becoming void. Many manufacturers require proof that a licensed HVAC professional performed maintenance and completed necessary repairs in order for you to receive your warranty service.

An HVAC How-To video doesn’t make you a certified technician. Good technicians put your home’s safety first. If you have an HVAC project in mind, contact Lindstrom Air Conditioning and Heating (800) 813-1824. All services are backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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