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Water Filtration

Filtered water isn’t something that should only come out of a bottle; it should be everywhere in your home. Drinking water should be clean of course, but what about the water you cook with, clean with, and wash your clothes in?  All water that comes from a treatment plant must pass strict guidelines for contamination; …

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The Effects of Caustic Drain Cleaners

Anyone who uses chemicals on clogs, from toilet to sink to shower, should know the effects the chemicals have on pipes and the environment, as well as the danger to humans. What exactly is in that jug? There are two types of drain cleaners: chemical and enzymatic. Most of us use chemical drain cleaners. Chemical …

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Woof, Meow, Chirp…Cough, Sneeze?

Fido, Whiskers, and Tweety are your three favorite companions, but you worry about the effect that they may have on your indoor air quality; how can an animal lover have the pets they adore and cleaner indoor air? By cleaning the air, cleaning the house, and giving your pet his own space, you can lessen …

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Oh, No! Not Another Cold Shower!

Sound familiar?  Are you last in line for the shower every morning or maybe your water heater just isn’t keeping up with the demands anymore?  When it’s time to get a new water heater make sure you know all of your options.  Below are some water heating options, including the benefits of each. Conventional “Storage” …

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Common Causes of Sink Clogs

Kitchen, bathroom or even utility sinks can become clogged.  Clogs are inconvenient, but severe clogs can be costly and create major problems in your home plumbing system.  They may even require a professional plumber to fix.  It’s important to understand how and why clogs form as well as preventative measures.  With proper maintenance and some …

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Important Plumbing Maintenance Checklist

Homeownership is a huge responsibility and for most, our biggest expense. It’s important to keep up on maintenance around the house in order to protect the value of your investment. Preventative care is important as it can address plumbing issues before they become major problems and expenses. Below is a checklist of plumbing maintenance and …

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