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Avoiding Holiday Plumbing Woes

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The holidays seem to arrive so quickly each year! Are you already making to-do lists in prep for decking the halls? What items make those ultimate holiday get-together checklists? Invitations, food, cocktails, decorations, and music, but what about double-checking important areas of your home to ensure stress-free celebrating, when it matters most? Yep, we’re talking avoiding dreaded holiday plumbing woes.

No one loves an overflowing toilet, a clogged kitchen sink or belly-up water heater when company is coming. Now is the perfect time to pay attention to common problem areas and make sure everything is running smoothly, just in time for making holiday memories. The Lindstrom Air Conditioning & Plumbing team is here with three easy tips to keep things festive all season long.

Common Holiday Plumbing Woes

As your local South Florida plumbing expert, we know drains. One of the most common issues from October through December is clogged kitchen drains and broken garbage disposals. The culprit is usually foods being disposed of down the drain that really shouldn’t be. Things like potato peels, eggshells, coffee grounds, celery stalks, fruit pits, and corn husks. These items are better off in the trash can or a compost pile. Other common kitchen sink clog culprits include high volumes of fat and grease (which form a solid mass as they cool) and things that expand when wet, like uncooked rice and pasta.

As for bathroom drains, the root of most issues is a build-up of hair, dirt and soap scum. However, from time to time, we encounter surprises like homemade children’s play slime that has been poured down the drain when it was in its liquid form.

With extra traffic in your home, your toilets and water heater will be working harder too. Keep in mind, if you are already experiencing a frequently clogged toilet, a continually running toilet tank or issues with an aging water heater, it’s never good to roll the dice and leave it to chance when you’re going to have a house full of company. It’s ‘Murphy’s Law’ that whatever can go wrong, will go wrong.

So, what’s the best way to avoid holiday plumbing issues? Here’s the Lindstrom Air Conditioning & Plumbing team’s top three tips!

3 Tips to Avoid Holiday Plumbing Issues

  • Don’t put anything down drains that you shouldn’t, including the food items mentioned above or things like paper towels, cotton balls, toys, kitty litter and personal items.
  • If your water heater is way past its prime, consider replacing now, so there is plenty of hot water with the increased demand, due to holiday guests.
  • Schedule your routine maintenance appointment now and make sure your plumbing and A/C are in tip-top condition for holiday entertaining.

And remember to hop over to our special offers page on the website to check for specials full of holiday cheer!  

And if you run into any emergency plumbing issues this holiday season, know your local South Florida plumbing expert is just a call away at (800) 813-1824.

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