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5 Signs Your Air Conditioning System Needs Repair

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There is never a convenient time for your air conditioning system to break down. Too often it’s a day where your system is needed the most—when the extreme Florida heat rolls in and our humidity is at its peak. It’s important to recognize the signs of a failing system so you can act quickly and return your family to their comforts.

Below are five big indicators of a failing air conditioning system. If you spot one, call Lindstrom Air (800) 813-1824. We’ll service your system 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

1. Squeaking, Grinding, or Grating

Unusual noises are a sign that your system needs repair. If you hear squeaking, part may need lubrication. If the sound is more of a grinding, your motor may be broken. In either case, it’s important to call for service immediately to avoid further damage.

2. Bad Odor

Your system should never smell. A musty odor could indicate dirt that’s built up in the system through a lack of maintenance. If the scent is more foul than musty, then it could be that your wire insulation burned out. Another likely culprit is that a pest has infiltrated your system.

In any case, the odor could lead to illness. Call for service as soon as you’re able.

3. Moisture

Leakage in or around your system could mean one of two things. First, look to see if there’s ice inside your system. If there is, then it’s likely that your drain tube is blocked or broken. This isn’t a serious issue, but you should set up a tune-up.

The other possible cause is refrigerant leakage. In this case, immediate action is necessary.

4. Bad or No Air Flow

If there is weak or no airflow, your compressor may have failed. An HVAC technician will see if a repair or replacement is necessary. If you’re experiencing appropriate airflow in some areas, but not in others, the trouble may lie in the ductwork. It’s possible that debris has built up in your ducts, your air filter is dirty, you have a bad motor, or you have a faulty control board. Time for a tune-up!

5. Hot Air

There are two main reasons for your system putting out hot air. The first is that your compressor has failed and needs service. If it’s a bad capacitor or a blown fuse, you can expect a fast and cheap fix. However, if there’s a refrigerant leak, larger maintenance is necessary. A Lindstrom technician will get to the bottom of it quickly and provide an efficient replacement or repair.

Get AC Help in South Florida

Everyone deserves a comfortable home. If your air conditioning system isn’t acting as it should, don’t despair. Call Lindstrom Air (800) 813-1824. We’ll have your system back at peak efficiency in no time.

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