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Renovation rules!

Figuratively speaking, it really does. Renovation can be an exciting time of bringing your dream to life, whether it’s a kitchen or bath remodel, a finished basement, or an addition. Choosing color scheme, materials, finishes, fabrics, fixtures, and appliances is all part of the fun. And there’s little that’s more gratifying than seeing it all come together right before your....   More

Getting (your home) ready for vacation

Planning your vacation can be exciting, but the preparation might be more than you anticipate. In addition to pulling out the suitcases and travel supplies, don’t overlook some very important steps to prepare and protect your home while you’re away. Here are a few pointers. How long will you be gone? Generally speaking, most plumbers do not recommend shutting off....   More

How a video sewer inspection can save your sanity How a video sewer inspection can save your sanity

If you’ve ever had sewer line blockage before, you know how expensive, disruptive, and downright nasty it can be. The truth is, most homeowners never give their sewer lines a second thought until there’s a problem. Out of sight, out of mind. But all kinds of things may be going on underground that you can’t see: grease buildup, clogging from....   More

Make Sure Your Family Is Prepared for Hurricane Season Make Sure Your Family Is Prepared for Hurricane Season

This year, Florida’s hurricane season begins June 1 and continues through November 30; however, hurricanes can occur before or after the official season. And our state is a prime target. According to the National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), 40 percent of all U.S. hurricanes hit Florida, and 88 percent of major hurricane strikes have hit either Florida or Texas.....   More

Spring Cleaning Must-Dos Spring Cleaning Must-Dos

Spring is here! Birds are chirping, flowers are blooming, and it’s time to get cleaning. Spring is the perfect time to organize and make your home sparkling clean. Spring cleaning is more than just the surface. It’s about getting deep into your home, and its systems, to take care of any dust and grime that accumulated during the colder months.....   More

Turn Your Tax Refund Into Money-Saving Home Improvements Turn Your Tax Refund Into Money-Saving Home Improvements

For most people, a tax refund is “fun money,” an unexpected windfall used to pay for an early summer getaway or the down payment on a new car. More practical folks might choose to use the funds to pay down credit card debt or invest for retirement. Here’s an even better idea: use it to bolster your most valuable investment....   More

What Your Neighbors are Saying about Lindstrom What Your Neighbors are Saying about Lindstrom

There are many ways you can judge the success of a business. Revenue, an increase in employees, introduction of new products, and service area expansion are all indicators of a thriving business. While we love celebrating these indicators, one of the most powerful signs our business is doing well is what people are saying about us. At Lindstrom, we put....   More

South Florida Allergies South Florida Allergies

With beautiful, sunny weather all year-round, you may not think of South Florida would trigger your allergies, but it can. Even with our minor fluctuations in temperature can trigger plants to bloom and spread pollen throughout our community. Knowing what type of allergens you’re dealing with can help you better combat them. These are the most common allergens in Florida.....   More